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Memphis, TN 38103

Shawn Mullins

Shawn Mullins 2

Project Coordinator

Shawn chose to work at Tioga because the company appealed to his sense of environmental stewardship, as well as his personal preference to work with small groups of people. In his role as project coordinator, Shawn conducts lead-based paint inspections, groundwater sampling, hazardous material surveys and risk assessments. He is certified as a Lead-Based Paint Inspector/Risk Assessor in Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi. Outside of work, he is involved in Gone To The Dogs Fest, Streetdog Foundation and several other community music-related fundraisers. He can quote multiple episodes of The Simpsons in their entirety, and he’s an artist, musician, pescatarian, animal lover, avid reader, collector of comic books and lover of most forms of visual media.