Q:  Can you help me investigate the environmental history of a site for a commercial property that I am going to buy?
A: Sure! We regularly provide Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for all sizes and types of properties.

Q:  What happens if you identify something unusual in a Phase I ESA?
A:  We would recommend a Phase II ESA, which typically consists of soil, groundwater and/or vapor sampling to verify whether there is something unusual happening at the property.

Q:  What happens if you identify something unusual in a Phase II ESA?
  We would recommend reporting to the regulatory authority and likely performing additional sampling to delineate the extent of what was identified.

Q:  If I had an unpleasant visit from a regulator (TDEC, Health Department, EPA, etc.), can you help me get my facility in compliance?
 Yes! We are extremely familiar with all regulatory compliance areas and are happy to get you on track in a single area or with an entire environmental program.

Q:  Can you help me with ISO certification?
  Yes. Maggie Strom has been through ISO 14001 Lead Auditor Training and is the perfect person to help establish an EMS or perform an internal audit for you.

Q:  If we found some old, unlabeled drums at our facility, can you help us figure out what to do?
  Yes, we can sample them, define the waste stream profile and help you properly dispose of them.

Q:  Do you have a Qualified Hydrologic Professional on staff?
  Yes, we have two.

Q:  Do you provide remediation for lead-based paint, asbestos or mold?
  No, but we often work with remediation contractors and can provide a referral to clients in need of remediation services for lead-based paint, asbestos and mold. We can also provide air monitoring or clearance sampling for the project.

Q: I see mold on my bedroom wall can you come and test it?
A: We can, but there is something you can do before setting an appointment with us. Check to see if you have a leak that could be causing this problem. Chances are, if you stop the moisture from getting inside, you will stop the mold from growing.

Q:  Do you work for homeowners?
A:  Yes, although our service model caters more to commercial and industrial clients. Therefore, our laboratory fees and hourly rates are often higher than those of environmental firms that provide residential services more frequently.

Q:  Do you sample soil for building or paving design purposes?
A:  No, we only sample soil for environmental investigation.

Q:  Are you a woman-owned business?
A:  Yes, and we have the “alphabet soup” to prove it. We are certified as a woman-owned business by the State of Tennessee; DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) in Tennessee and Mississippi; WBE (Woman Business Enterprise) and SBE (Small Business Enterprise) in the City of Memphis; and LOSB (Locally Owned Small Business) by Shelby County.