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Whether you are looking to buy a property, preparing for a renovation or demolishing a building, a hazardous building materials assessment can give you the critical information you need ahead of time. Asbestos, lead-based paint, mercury, PCB’s and other toxic metals are among the most common hazardous materials found in buildings new and old. All will need to be assessed prior to beginning your project.

Having a thorough understanding of the hazardous materials present by performing a comprehensive survey can provide you with the information you need to make the right decisions. Tioga inspectors are well-versed in identifying all hazardous materials in a building and are certified to perform lead-based paint inspections and asbestos surveys, delivering a comprehensive assessment.

Lead-Based Paint

Tioga’s certified lead-based paint inspectors and risk assessors perform hundreds of lead-based paint inspections every year. So, if you’re thinking about buying, renovating, repairing or painting a home, commercial property or child-occupied facility built before 1978, get Tioga’s help. Through us, you can accurately determine the lead content of any painted or coated surface. We use Heuresis X-Ray Fluorescence lead-based paint analyzers to get instant readouts — so there’s no need to take destructive samples.


Tioga’s certified inspectors routinely perform asbestos inspections prior to renovation projects and as a component of a comprehensive hazardous building materials inspection. If you choose to maintain your asbestos in place, our final documents can include an asbestos Operations and Maintenance Program to maintain it correctly.

Tioga also helps schools comply with asbestos regulations. We perform the AHERA initial and three-year inspections and can even provide employee awareness level training.  

Abatement Specifications

Finally, Tioga can prepare abatement specifications. If you are an architect or engineer working on a design project, we can provide you with the paperwork needed to include in your specifications. At all times, our inspectors turn around test results quickly, so your contractors can get to work quickly and you can get the answers you need to keep your project on track.

Hazardous materials are our specialty:

  • Asbestos surveys
  • Asbestos Operation and Maintenance plans
  • Lead-based paint surveys
  • Lead-based paint risk assessments
  • Hazardous material surveys
  • Asbestos and hazardous material abatement designs