Industries Served

Tioga provides a broad spectrum of services to clients diversified by industry, size and geography. With our full-service capabilities, our market scope is wide, yet our expertise in each industry we serve is strong and focused. No matter how big or small the client, Tioga focuses on providing cost-effective, user-friendly solutions.

Architecture and Engineering

Anticipated and unexpected environmental issues can slow a project down. Let us help you move things forward for your client with hazardous material inspections, site assessments, report or permit preparation, and subsurface investigations. We’ll handle the tasks that you don’t want to. As a member of your team, we can ensure a quality product and keep your client’s project on track.


Environmental Firms

When you need boots on the ground locally, let us help. Or, if you’re already local but need minority participation, team with us. Tioga is a woman-owned, locally owned business that knows how to get things done in Memphis and the surrounding region. Whether you need the data only or a turnkey completed project, you can count on us to help you deliver timely, reliable and cost-effective solutions.


Industrial and Manufacturing

Keeping up with your facility’s compliance efforts can be daunting. Not keeping up can be risky. So let us do it for you. Think of us as your staff engineer down the hall from your office, the one with all the good connections. Merely a phone call away, we can take care of your permitting, ongoing compliance and sampling needs. We’ll also keep track of the regulations and make sure you know if there’s something new on the horizon.


Lenders, Brokers and Attorneys

You need to be able to trust the results of an evaluation. That’s why you should team with Tioga. We dig into the data to screen properties, assess soil and groundwater impacts, and evaluate facilities every day. We keep track of the latest regulations, standards and guidance so you don’t have to, and we understand that you’re on a budget and a schedule. Our staff of environmental professionals provides user-friendly documentation of our investigations at a reasonable cost. Think of us as part of your closing team.


Schools and Hospitals

Need help preparing for an emergency, maintaining your facility compliance, or assessing a tricky situation? Depend on Tioga for the support you need. We understand there are a lot of people watching your institution. We’re used to working under a microscope. At all times, we’re aware of the opportunity for misinformation. We’re always professional, discreet and work with you to ensure only the right message is released.



Nearly every day, Tioga helps a government entity — directly or as a subcontractor. We deliver the reliable, timely and cost-effective solutions that the local, state and federal government requires. Tioga is certified in Tennessee as both a Woman Business Enterprise and a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise. We’re recognized as a locally owned small business in Memphis and Shelby County. We’re registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) and certified as an Economically Disadvantaged Women Business Enterprise (EDWBE) by the Small Business Administration.  

DUNS Number: 83-287-7794

CAGE Code: 5YUH9

NAICS Codes: 541620, 562910, 541990, 541330


Commercial Property Owners and Management Companies

Tioga is the discreet and reliable partner you've been looking for to assist with the inevitable environmental issues that pop up. We understand the sensitivity of tenants and importance of response time. We’ll work with you to make sure we’re non-intrusive and non-disruptive. Time is of the essence, and answers are what you need. That’s our specialty.


Construction Companies

When you encounter an unexpected environmental issue at a construction site, Tioga can help you quickly assess the situation and move forward. We can also assist with planning, permitting and inspections throughout the duration of the project. We can respond to a situation within 24 hours — and often, the same day — because we know environmental issues can cause critical delays in a project.


Renovation Contractors

New regulations require you to know if your project is impacting lead-based paint. Mold and asbestos can also hinder your ability to do the job right. So, partner with Tioga to receive quick, reliable and easy-to-understand results. We perform hundreds of single-family home inspections every year — assessing lead-based paint, mold and asbestos. We can work for you or the homeowner to provide fast, reliable and documentable results. And we can also help you maintain records, in case you ever have to demonstrate compliance to a regulator. We’re certified to do all the inspections and are an EPA Lead Safe firm.


Insurance Companies

After an emergency event, you can trust Tioga to efficiently and expeditiously perform the necessary sampling to provide peace of mind to you, the homeowner or business owner, and the contractor. We perform hundreds of single-family home inspections every year — assessing lead-based paint, mold and asbestos. We can work for you or the homeowner to provide fast, reliable and documentable results. Make us your on-call environmental consultant.



When environmental issues arise, please don’t attempt to deal with them all by yourself — you need a professional that’s credentialed to help you. Tioga performs hundreds of single-family home inspections every year — assessing lead-based paint, mold and asbestos. We provide fast, reliable and easy-to-understand results that will give you peace of mind.