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Maggie Strom

QEP, CHMM | Founder and Vice President

Larkin Myers

PE, LEED AP | President

Luke Hall

PG | Geologist

Ben Day

Senior Environmental Specialist

Chuck Thibault

Senior Geologist

Joe Littlefield

Program Manager

Karim Bouzeid


Velita Thornton

Biologist/Environmental Scientist

Ryan Stringer

Environmental Engineer

Spencer Belcher

Environmental Scientist

Brandon King

Project Coordinator

Donny White

Project Coordinator

Carlos Easley

Project Coordinator

We have been purposeful in creating the culture of Tioga from the very beginning, and there are several key elements of the culture that we strive for.

First and foremost is a focus on family. We became partners because we had similar goals for our lives. We wanted to pursue challenging professions while having the flexibility to take care of our children. Balancing work and personal life is not always a priority at consulting firms, and it was important to us, as a woman-owned firm, to provide the same opportunity for our team.

Another key element of our culture at Tioga is flexibility. We allow employees to set their own workday hours to avoid traffic or to fit with their family dynamic. And, we give everyone the opportunity to access the network from their house so that they can avoid taking time off for snow days, kid’s sick days, etc. We understand that life keeps moving and sometimes your personal life has to be the priority. 

We also believe in providing a work environment that’s not just enjoyable but also a lot of fun! We don’t ever want our team to dread coming in on Monday mornings. We have developed a pretty relaxed atmosphere, where most days our team comes in wearing jeans and sneakers. (Of course, they know to dress appropriately when visiting clients or job sites.) We are proud of our amazing office space full of natural light and beautiful old wooden floors as well as our vibrant Pinch neighborhood.

To sum it up – we like each other and we want to enjoy our time at the office.