Mission, Vision & Values


Tioga's mission is to make the world, or at least our corner of it, a little bit cleaner and safer every day.


Tioga's goal is to become a household name in the Mid-South, known for providing sky’s-the-limit solutions by developing its down-to-earth team members into talented providers of customer-focused solutions and community-focused engagement.



Our business success is founded upon a commitment to certain core values that are near and dear to our hearts.

Passion - We deliver superior results because we care deeply about what we do.
Honesty and Integrity - We are committed to the highest ethical standards.
Service and Quality - Our team always strives to provide customer-focused, high-quality services. 
Innovation - We foster creative work environments where we challenge ourselves to improve our processes, procedures and services.
Sustainability - We are conscientious of the impact that our work has on the environment. We provide clean, efficient, healthy and effective solutions on all of our projects.
Accountability - We take responsibility for all of our decisions and actions.
Employees - Our product is our people. Our success begins with valuing our people and fostering their development.
Safety - We create a working environment that promotes safe performance.
Teamwork - We work together to succeed and have fun!