One of the best perks of our work is getting to spend time outside, identifying the natural resources present on a property. Tioga has two wetlands scientists with the State of Tennessee Qualified Hydrologic Professional certification and as a result, our staff can identify wetlands, streams and wet weather conveyances for your project.

Tioga also has the in-house capabilities to provide the impacts assessments, permitting and mitigation proposals that go along with the delineations. If monitoring for mitigation is required, our team will continue to be involved for as long as is necessary.

If you need to know what threatened and endangered species are present, our experts can perform the necessary review in the office and then confirm the habitats and vegetation presence on-site.

We also have the ability to perform noise sampling at your project to determine what level of sound is present before any impacts occur. Our staff has the training to provide noise modeling so you can see what the impacts may be with new construction. And, we’ll bundle everything up in a report for your use.

Our team also offers assistance with preparation of erosion and sediment control plans, construction stormwater pollution prevention plans and the associated inspections. 


Some of our favorite outdoor activities:

  • Wetlands delineations and hydrologic (stream) determinations
  • Aquatic resource permitting and consultation
  • Endangered species evaluations
  • Noise monitoring and modeling
  • Air pollutant modeling
  • Erosion and sediment control plans
  • Construction general permit inspections and compliance