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Is Memphis on a cooling trend? If you thought this winter was colder than normal, you were right!


February 2015 was reportedly 9 to 10 degrees lower than normal, with the last two weeks of the month setting a record as thecoldest second half of February ever. February is seen as the end of winter in the meteorology world, and overall, the 2015 Memphis winter was 2 to 3 degrees below what our normal temperatures are during this time of year. This same trend happened in the summer with July, usually a hotter month, being more bearable than June.

Tioga President Maggie Strom – a meteorologist at heart – took great interest in this dramatic cold streak in February because the climate’s behavior is integrated with the work that Tioga does every day. Weather and climate changes have an effect on stormwater, contaminated soil and indoor air quality, which are just a few of the environmental issues that the team works with.

So, as we head into the last week of March, we are still on a ‘cool’ streak with temperatures slightly below the normal average for this time of year. Will this continue throughout the year? Is Memphis on a cooling cycle where our temperatures will stay below the average? We’ll find out soon!