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Aaron Bennett started at Tioga as a technician in 2015, and we’re excited to share that he recently earned certification as an asbestos project monitor. With his new certification, Aaron collects air sampling before, during and after asbestos abatement projects for a variety of buildings. Recently, we sat down with Aaron for a Q&A to explain more his new certification.

What are your duties as an asbestos project monitor?

It’s my job to check air conditions before and during an asbestos abatement project to keep construction workers safe. I check that they have the right level of respiratory protection for the entire duration of the project. After construction is complete, I monitor the air quality to make sure no harmful fibers are lingering and to determine that it’s safe for tenants to occupy the building.

How long have you been trained in asbestos air monitoring?

I’ve been trained in air monitoring for a year, but I’ve been involved in the industry for nine years. I first started in asbestos abatement and remediation, and later moved to asbestos testing. I now focus on clearance air testing and monitoring for airborne asbestos fibers.

What do you enjoy in your line of work?

I enjoy educating clients on asbestos and the many places it can be found. It’s rewarding to be able to collaborate with clients and share with them my experiences in asbestos to give them a better understanding of the material. It’s also important to be able to show them how it can be isolated responsibly during a construction project and later have tenants safely occupy the building.

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