CONCERNED ABOUT INDOOR AIR QUALITY? Because we all spend so much of our time indoors, the quality of our indoor air is very important. One natural way to improve your indoor air quality is the use of houseplants. Certain potted plants can remove chemical toxins and mold spores from your indoor environment. NASA has ranked the top ten plants for purifying the air in your home or office. You can find more details about these plants here. Here is the "top ten" list for your con... Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at May 30
EDGE BOARD GOALS Memphis and Shelby County consolidated several economic development entities in 2011 to create the Economic Development Growth Engine (EDGE) Board. The president of the EDGE Board recently spoke to the Rotary Club in Memphis detailing the board's areas of focus for the remainder of this year. One of the four main themes discussed was brownfield redevelopment. The EDGE Board will encourage development of vacant sites that were formerly used for industrial and ... Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at May 24
BROWNFIELDS & RENEWABLE ENERGY The EPA along with the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory have created a new set of research and development tools encouraging the reuse of properties for solar and wind energy. These tools aid in the evaluation of underutilized or contaminated land for their energy potential. The goal is to help communities find uses for brownfields while creating green jobs and alternative energy sources. The EPA estimates tha... Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at May 18
MOLD IN UNION GAP CITY HALL The city of Union Gap, Washington is struggling to deal with reported black mold problems. Apparently, the buildings housing City Hall, the Police Station and the Fire Station experienced water and rain intrusion events years ago. After the recent discovery of ceiling mold in City Hall, the state and county recommended closing the building and relocating employees until the mold remediation is completed. Now there are concerns about the other two public building... Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at May 10
GREEN JOBS Good news for Tennessee – our state was ranked fifth across the nation in "clean energy jobs" in the first quarter of 2012 by Environmental Entrepreneurs. The group tracks the nation's growth in the clean energy sector and its effects on job creation and community building. Apparently, more than 2,500 new green jobs were created in Tennessee during the first quarter. Our state ranks behind Connecticut, Illinois, California and Indiana. The activity is ma... Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at May 4