OSHA WORKS TO REDUCE WORKPLACE CHEMICAL EXPOSURES The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, is working to overhaul its approach to reducing workplace exposure to hazardous chemicals. However, instead of taking on this task on its own, the agency is asking businesses and people in the workforce for their opinions. OSHA is now accepting comments from businesses and employees about how to reduce the number of work-related illnesses caused from exposure to hazardous chemical... Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at Oct 31
All new and existing point source industrial stormwater discharges associated with industrial activity require an NPDES Stormwater Permit from the Tennessee Division of Water Resources. Most common is the General Permit, which is available to almost any industry.  Tioga has worked with many companies to establish Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans for their industrial facilities. The state of Tennessee’s General Permit that provides coverage to these facilities is now ex... Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at Oct 16