by Maggie Strom, QEP, CHMM founder a president Finding out that there is asbestos at a project you are about to renovate or demolish is one thing but dealing with the hassle of getting it properly removed is quite another. Fortunately, that’s one of Tioga’s specialties. Regardless of the size and scope, the only way to ensure a successful abatement project is to have a written specification prepared. A written asbestos abatement design specification establishes the scope of w... Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at Apr 9
by Ben Day, senior environmental specialist The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, jointly with the Nashville and Memphis U.S. Army Corps of Engineers districts, approved the use of the Stream Quantification Tool for the assessment of the quality of streams in the state. The SQT assesses and ranks various metrics within five different stream function categories to quantify the difference between degraded and restored stream conditions. For example, two metrics used to a... Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at Apr 5
After weeks of near-subzero weather this past winter, we’re ready to stop binge-watching Netflix and step out into the sun! While many of us spend our days outside conducting environmental site assessments or completing erosion and sediment control plans, it’s even better to be outside with our family and friends. Folks from our team shared some of their favorite pastimes and recommended spots across Memphis that they’re looking forward to visiting this spring season: S... Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at Apr 2