New year, new faces! We’d like to introduce you to Karim Bouzeid and Donny White, who recently joined the Tioga family. As Tioga continues to grow, so does our roster of knowledgeable professionals who are eager to serve our clients. Karim and Donny bring that needed range of experience to our team, from subsurface investigations to hazardous materials. Keep reading to learn more about their expertise! Karim Bouzeid, geologist With Karim on our team, we’re proud to share that Ti... Read More
Posted by Christina Babu at Jan 17
  Confined spaces. The phrase reminds me of the scene in “Shawshank Redemption” where the main character escapes prison by crawling through a narrow pipe. While the pipe in that particular scenario would definitely be considered a confined space, that would be an extreme situation. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration defines a confined space as an area with limited openings for entry and exit. It is not intended for continuous human occupancy, but it is large e... Read More
Posted by Carlee Smith at Jan 3