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Memphis, TN 38103

One of the biggest culprits of storm water pollution is litter. Trash that is laying on the ground eventually makes its way to a storm drain inlet, ditch, pipe or creek. All of this garbage makes its way downstream and into the Mississippi River.

The Memphis City Beautiful Commission has worked since 1930 to beautify Memphis and one of their goals is to prevent litter in our city. The Commission has set up a 24 hour hotline program designed to help folks "Take Pride in Memphis." The hotline number is 52-CLEAN (552-1135) and can be used to provide a license number, brief description of the vehicle littering, the date, time and type of litter, and the location of the incident. The litterbug then will receive a "Litter Alert" letter providing them with a trash bag for their car and a reminder that littering is against the law.

If you want to help reduce storm water pollution and report someone littering, call 52-CLEAN or visit the online link.