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Erosion is a continual issue in environmental science. Contributing factors include climate change, construction of new developments and other human activities. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, eroded soil endangers water resources by reducing water quality and causing siltation in aquatic habitats for local species. Repairs to sewer lines and stormwater drainage systems may also be more frequent as a result of erosion. In construction, improper clearing and grading can cause... Read More
Posted by Christina Babu at Oct 1
Since our city’s founding, Memphis has served as a major port city due to its convenient location on the shore of the mighty Mississippi River. What many people may not realize is that Memphis and the entire Mid-South region have several other waterways throughout our land. Another surprising fact is that all rivers in West Tennessee are classified as impaired due to siltation. Siltation, also known as sediment pollution, is caused by natural activities like erosion and sedimentation,... Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at Oct 1
by William Gray, environmental scientist Happy World Soil Day! This year’s international celebration of the importance of world soils aims to “Stop soil erosion, Save our future.” Did you know that it can take up to 100 years to produce a layer of soil as thick as a nickel? Soil erosion can remove many times that in only a matter of minutes. At Tioga, we actively promote soil conservation through our work with business owners, facility designers and constr... Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at Dec 5
by Will Gray environmental scientist Wildfire can be devastating when it comes into contact with developed areas, but in the untamed wilderness, fire is a natural phase of life. Many plants have incorporated fire into their life cycles. The Lodgepole pine will hold its seed sealed in resin until fire kills the tree and melts the resin, releasing the seed to grow in the soil now cleared of underbrush. Many species of trees can sprout new shoots from underground root nodules that are protect... Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at Jul 23
by Larkin Myers, PE, LEED AP vice president It’s summertime and the dry weather means construction is happening in earnest in Memphis.  Construction or demolition projects in the State of Tennessee that disturb more than 1 acre of soil are required to obtain coverage under the state’s Construction Stormwater General Permit. The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation issues a Notice of Coverage for each project, and the contractor is required to maintain ... Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at Jul 17
Most Memphians rejoice that we only had one snowfall this winter, and it was not nearly as bad as predicted. It is unlikely that the Bluff City will see any more snow this season, but other cities cannot say the same thing. For example, Snowfall in May is not that unusual for Chicago. Residents of the Windy City have also experienced autumn snowfall as early as September. Now when the topic of erosion arises, it is common to think of flooding and water-related damage. However, ... Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at Mar 16
EROSION CONTROL 101 The word “erosion” might make you think back to your middle and high school science classes. Erosion is the process of weathering away or diminishing a substance due to a natural element, such as water or wind. Erosion can be caused by powerful natural elements, such as wind and water, and can sometimes cause problems. For example, when erosion is excessive, it can disrupt the layers of soil in an area, leading to a decrease in agricultural production. Human... Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at Jan 6