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There’s an old saying that still rings true today: “The greenest building is the one already built.” While it may be every architect’s dream to design a building that stands out in a city’s skyline, we find there’s more to brag about when transforming an old building to look and feel new again. Our hometown of Memphis is full of history. Now, imagine if there was no fight to preserve many of these buildings from years past. While those stories would still e... Read More
Posted by Carlee Smith at Feb 1
by Maggie Strom As I worry over whether this empty peanut butter container is clean enough, I thought it was finally time to put together a set of easy-to-follow directions on how to “Recycle Right” in Shelby County, Tennessee. It has gotten complicated over the past few years, and while I’ve recycled since I was a little kid, even I’m confused these days. In general, if you live in Shelby County, you can recycle the following containers, but remember the three keywo... Read More
Posted by Maggie Strom at Sep 6
It’s April, and Earth Day is around the corner. There’s no better time than now to plan ahead and explore new ways we can live a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle and minimize our carbon footprint. Holidays typically have an even greater impact on the environment. Our usual traditions can often distract us from our everyday efforts to be eco-friendly. The good news is that we have plenty of tips to enjoy your favorite holidays while also respecting Mother Nature! Valenti... Read More
Posted by Christina Babu at Apr 1
It’s December, and we’re ramping up for a busy month full of holiday joy, gatherings, and lots and lots of food. While it is the season to eat, drink and be merry, our festivities make a major impact on the environment and increase our carbon footprint.  Last month, we celebrated with Project Greenfork, Clean Memphis and several renowned local chefs at Reharvest Memphis, an event to spread awareness about food waste. Food waste is a topic that is often overlooked in househo... Read More
Posted by Christina Babu at Dec 1
According to a Pew Research study, two-thirds of Americans believe the government should do more to combat climate change. With rivers and oceans rising, ice caps melting and temperatures rising, it’s time we take action before it’s too late. One way our government reacted in recent years was by joining the Paris Agreement in 2015, and later rejoining this year under the new presidential administration. Learn more about the Agreement and what we can do to help out the cause. Wh... Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at Aug 9
Composting is becoming a more common practice and for good reason, as it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and our overall carbon footprint. Since 30% of our trash is food and yard scraps, why let it pile up in a landfill where it can release methane into our air? Instead, our waste can decompose back into the earth, help nourish our soil and even reduce the impact of droughts on our plants. While there may be a facility in your hometown to take your scraps to be composted, like Atlas O... Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at Jun 1
It’s officially spring, and Earth Day is fast-approaching. It’s the time of year that reminds us of the joys of being outdoors. It also reminds us that there’s no better time than now to assess how we’re treating our planet and self-reflect on how to be better global citizens. We all know the gist of being green, like using reusable grocery bags, recycling our plastics and driving our cars less. Instead, we compiled some new tips to be more proactive in adopting a gr... Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at Apr 1
As the “going green” trend continues, with restaurants switching to paper straws and grocery stores prohibiting the use of plastic bags, you may be thinking of the ways you can make the switch to eco-friendly products at home. With the new school year now in full gear, we’ve compiled 10 ways for you and your children to go green in the classroom throughout the year. 1. Use reusable containers and bottles. Instead of using plastic bags for sandwiches and snacks, making the... Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at Sep 4
Watch the WREG Live at 9 interview with Tioga Founder and President Maggie Strom here. School is out until August; the sun is shining; and adventure and relaxation are calling. You may already do several things at home to live a “green” lifestyle, like recycling, bicycling or cutting down on water and electricity use, but do you consider these things while travelling, as well? There are several ways you can help reduce your carbon footprint while on vacation. Check out o... Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at Jun 16