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Mold is a common worry, as excessive exposure can lead to severe health and respiratory problems. As mold is naturally occurring in the outdoor environment, there’s no building that is immune to developing mold. Tioga’s team of inspectors have sampled and found mold in office buildings, residences, industrial facilities and many other locations, and we’re here to help if or when the need arises. We receive several questions each week from clients about investigating mold an... Read More
Posted by Christina Babu at Feb 4
THE PLACES MOLD MAY HIDE IN YOUR HOME Mold may seem like just a pesky problem, however, it can become more serious than just an annoyance. Spring rain and heat create the perfect environment for mold to grow, so checking key places in your home is important as we head into the summer months. Mold can become a serious headache (literally and figuratively), causing illness, allergies and home damage. You should keep a close eye out for mold inside and outside of your home, especially during ... Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at Jun 29
THE IMPORTANCE OF INDOOR AIR QUALITY Air quality is a hot topic when it comes to the environmental industry. Pollution and other nasty byproducts of burning fossil fuels can cause asthma, allergies and other health problems. But have you thought about the indoor space where you live, work or go to school? What if these areas were susceptible to harmful pollutants as well? The fact is that indoor air quality can be just as important to your health as the air you breathe outside. Humans spe... Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at Jul 14
STATE OF TENNESSE OBSERVES "RADON ACTION MONTH" "While in their homes resting, Tennesseans can also be testing." The EPA has designated January as Radon Action Month. Check out what Tennessee has done this month to raise awareness here. Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at Jan 29
IFMA PRESENTATION Our very own Larkin Myers spoke at the local IFMA (International Facility Management Association) lunch meeting today. The topic was "Indoor Air Quality: Microbial Investigations and Sampling Techniques." The focus of the presentation was on finding mold in your facility. Do you have questions? Call Larkin! Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at Feb 13
RADON ACTION MONTH January is designated by the EPA as National Radon Action Month. Radon is the leading cause of non-smoking lung cancer in the United States. In fact, approximately 20,000 lung cancer deaths are linked to radon exposure in the home annually. Per the EPA, "radon is an odorless, tasteless and invisible gas produced by the decay of naturally occurring uranium in soil and water." While the predicted levels of radon vary across the state, western Tennessee is listed... Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at Jan 8
POST-FLOOD MOLD The flooding from Hurricane Sandy may pose another problem after the water has receded. Standing water in homes and businesses can lead to mold growth that may or may not be visible on the surface. There are health risks associated with amplified indoor mold growth and the problem should be addressed as soon as possible. This article on the Huffington Post gives clear direction to those concerned about mold and excessive building moisture. Our thoughts are with al... Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at Nov 6
CONCERNED ABOUT INDOOR AIR QUALITY? Because we all spend so much of our time indoors, the quality of our indoor air is very important. One natural way to improve your indoor air quality is the use of houseplants. Certain potted plants can remove chemical toxins and mold spores from your indoor environment. NASA has ranked the top ten plants for purifying the air in your home or office. You can find more details about these plants here. Here is the "top ten" list for your con... Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at May 30
MOLD IN UNION GAP CITY HALL The city of Union Gap, Washington is struggling to deal with reported black mold problems. Apparently, the buildings housing City Hall, the Police Station and the Fire Station experienced water and rain intrusion events years ago. After the recent discovery of ceiling mold in City Hall, the state and county recommended closing the building and relocating employees until the mold remediation is completed. Now there are concerns about the other two public building... Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at May 10