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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issued a set of Nationwide Permits covering work in streams and wetlands conducted under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act, which regulates the discharge of materials into waters of the United States. The NWPs are a type of general permit issued by the Corps that are designed to regulate the bulk of minimal impact activities affecting jurisdictional waters and wetlands with the goal of establishing standard terms and conditions for protection of these water... Read More
Posted by Larkin Myers at Feb 1
On April 21, 2020, the Environmental Protection Agency published the Navigable Waters Protection Rule, a new Waters of the United States Rule in the Federal Register. This rule will take effect on June 22, 2020, and any new wetlands or stream delineations or permit requests will be subject to it. The rule redefines what qualifies as a jurisdictional “waters of the United States” as regulated by the EPA and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  The rule was created to streaml... Read More
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Water resources are integral to life and Sept. 18 is World Water Monitoring Day, which reminds people to be aware of the quality and health of our water resources. Without clean water, human civilization and life in general would grind to a halt. Therefore, protection of these resources is extremely important. Luckily, there are multiple easy steps anyone can take to help ensure that our water resources remain healthy. At Tioga, we work with several industrial facilities, private clients... Read More
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Perhaps one of the most significant and sought-after treasures found in the city of Memphis is its drinking water. Few cities in the world enjoy water that is as pure and tasteful. In fact, according to CNN, more than 5,300 water systems affecting about 18 million citizens in America are in violation of the EPA's lead and copper rule, which regulates the lead and copper levels in public drinking water. Memphis has taken measures to provide the highest quality water for its resid... Read More
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At the end of December, President Obama passed a law to ban the exfoliating component of many hygiene products. From toothpaste and face soaps to body washes and polishing scrubs, microbeads have become a part of many Americans’ daily routines. These tiny scrubbers help eliminate oil and dirt from skin and teeth. However, microbeads are potentially harmful to our ecosystem. There are more than eight trillion microbeads entering aquatic habitats every day in the United State... Read More
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We celebrate ‘World Rivers Day’ on the last Sunday of September. This holiday celebrates the magnificence of the world’s waterways and aims to bring public awareness to conservancy of our rivers, lakes, streams and oceans around the world. The first World Rivers Day took place in 2005 to encourage better care for our water resources. British advocate, Mark Angelo, has created the British Columbia Rivers Day in Canada, and the overwhelming support of this event each year... Read More
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Richie had a helper in Clarksdale yesterday.  Just finishing up three days of sampling 42 groundwater monitoring wells in Clarksdale, MS.   Read More
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CLEANUP AT MCKELLAR LAKE We had a great time with Memphis River Warriors, The University of Memphis and Lipscomb & Pitts Breakfast Club at the McKellar Lake cleanup this weekend. Over the past few years, several groups have come to the lake's defense and organized protests against pollution as well as trash cleanups. Only ongoing efforts can keep McKellar Lake clean, and we were happy to assist with this cleanup.   Read More
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