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After weeks of near-subzero weather this past winter, we’re ready to stop binge-watching Netflix and step out into the sun! While many of us spend our days outside conducting environmental site assessments or completing erosion and sediment control plans, it’s even better to be outside with our family and friends. Folks from our team shared some of their favorite pastimes and recommended spots across Memphis that they’re looking forward to visiting this spring season:

Shawn Mullins

Shawn Mullins 2

With the return of spring, I look forward to getting back to activities like going to the Memphis Zoo, walking my dogs in Overton Park and hiking in Shelby Forest.

Felipe Vazquez

Felipe Vazquez3

I moved here in June of last year, so this will be my first spring in Memphis! I love live music events, especially when they are outdoors, so I am excited for two upcoming events - the River Series at Maria Montessori School's Harbor Town Amphitheater and of course, the Beale Street Music Festival.

Larkin Myers

Larkin Sitting

Larkin Myers

I am looking forward to spending time on the greenline. We are lucky to live close to an access point and my kids love to ride their bikes on it. It was difficult for us go riding in the winter because it got dark too early. But now with the sun setting later and the weather warming up, we can get on quickly and zip around.

Luke Hall


My favorite thing to do in the spring is sit outside.

Aaron Bennett

Aaron Bennett

My favorite spring activity currently is watching my new baby notice nature. I often take him on walks around our neighborhood and parks so he can explore the different sights and sounds that nature has to offer.