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The theme for Earth Day this year focuses on the importance of protecting endangered and threatened species across our planet. Endangered species are not limited to animals that people regularly think about, such as rhinos or tigers. In this region, there are several animals and plants that are classified as endangered or threatened, including various birds, insects and trees. At Tioga, we help our Mid-South clients serve as better stewards of the environment, so that we all can harmoniously coexist with our local wildlife.

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To comply with the Endangered Species Act, any sort of new development involving federal approval requires evaluations for the presence of endangered species. Since the passing of the legislation, the ESA has “helped stabilize populations of species at risk, prevented the extinction of many others, and conserved the habitats upon which they depend.”

Our team regularly conducts surveys to determine if construction activities and future facilities' everyday operations impose upon local endangered and threatened species and their critical habitats. Evaluations include both land and aquatic species. We also assist with obtaining required environmental permits before development begins.

Finding a presence of endangered or threatened species on a site does not necessarily mean a project should be canceled or completely relocated. Often times, engineers will modify the project design to avoid disruption to a habitat. Rescheduling construction activities may also be an option if species have migrated for a season.

If your project is in Tennessee, you can avoid surprises and learn how endangered and threatened species might affect your project by accessing the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation rare species database. Tioga’s team of environmental scientists can also conduct an endangered species evaluation. Contact us today for assistance.

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