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Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency reminded contractors and subcontractors that the RRP rule must be adhered to by issuing 17 enforcement actions across the country.

The rule protects homeowners and tenants from hazardous lead dust that can be left behind after renovations or repairs to older homes. It also requires contractors and subcontractors to obtain proper training and certification and use lead-safe work practices. These steps ensure that lead dust is minimized, and the risk for serious health and developmental issues, especially in children, is significantly reduced or eliminated.

The Tioga team uses state-of-the-art Niton XRF analyzers to identify lead-based paint prior to renovation projects. Results are immediate and non-destructive. We can provide you with the results you need to bid on the job and the documentation you must have to complete your renovation project.

For more information about lead and instructions on getting certified, click here.