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It's that time again, time for holiday gatherings, holiday meals and holiday shopping…and time to start thinking about and planning for the end of the regulatory year. January deadlines come quickly, so it pays to start looking at your systems now to get a jump on that 2016 reporting that will be here before you know it.

First, now is a great time to read over your air permit to evaluate whether the records you have been keeping all year are consistent with your actual requirements. It’s also a great time to finish up any material throughput inventory calculations you perform through November so you are ready to hit the ground running with your reports in January with only December to reconcile.

Speaking of inventory, some of you have sustainability reports due to corporate early next year.  Don’t wait until after January, when your accounting staff is gearing for tax season, to start asking for information you need to summarize your energy usage, waste disposal costs, water usage and more. Pay them a visit now and start gathering this data. I bet they will be much happier to help you now than after the new year.

It's also never too early to start reviewing onsite inventory numbers and calculating the maximum daily and average daily storage of hazardous chemicals at your facility – you will need this info to complete your Tier II reports that are due March 1. Don’t put this one off; this deadline shows up quickly.

Speaking of March 1, Hazardous Waste annual reports are also due on that date, and you need to be scheduling and planning your final waste shipments for the year now. Take the time to dispose of your universal waste, too. If you make that a habit, you will never get caught storing universal waste longer than 365 days. And don’t forget, on Dec. 31 (or your last day of operation for the year), be sure to visit all of your storage and satellite areas and make an inventory of hazardous waste on hand Dec. 31/Jan. 1 – you will need this information for your annual report.

Lastly, there are just a few weeks left to capture that final stormwater sample. It's been a really dry fall, and you still might not have captured your 4th quarter visual or annual analytical sample for the year. Don’t spend your holiday break out stormwater sampling - try to capture the next qualified event; you’ll be happy you did.