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Memphis, TN 38103
20141210 Post

It’s finally December, a month that holds special meaning for many people as being a time of holiday cheer and memories made with family and friends. For us, this December is even more exciting than most, as it marks Tioga’s five year anniversary!

We opened for business five years ago with a vision - Tioga's goal was, and continues to be, to become a household name in the Mid-South, known for providing sky’s-the-limit solutions delivered by down-to-earth, talented team members.

For our first three years of operation, we set a goal to increase growth by 20 percent. That goal was met or exceeded each year, and we have continued to exceed our current goal of 10 percent growth per year since then. Since opening, our team has also expanded from five employees to nine, and we’re always looking for bright new minds to join us!

We have accomplished so much over the past five years, and we are proud of the company we have become. Only 50 percent of small businesses survive past their first four years of existence, and we have not only survived this statistic but also thrived. Keep an eye out for more exciting news from us as we enter the New Year – we expect it to be even better than the past five!