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Recent settlements

Lead dust and debris from renovation is a top cause of lead exposure in homes and commercial buildings that were built prior to 1978. Thirty million homes throughout the U.S. still contain lead-based paint, and it is vital to remove this threat as it can result in numerous health issues, especially in children, if inhaled or ingested.

Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency announced new actions to protect U.S. citizens from lead poisoning in older homes and buildings caused by contractors who did not adhere to the federal Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule. According to the EPA’s news release, renovation contractors and training providers who violated the regulations had to “certify compliance with RRP regulations to EPA and, in most cases, pay civil penalties to resolve the alleged violations.” The majority of these settlements occurred from illegal renovations that resulted in lead exposure to building residents.


Memphis partners with the EPA

Memphis and Shelby County recently announced a partnership with the EPA to address lead-based paint issues locally.

Memphis is the first city inSoutheastern Region 4 to take part in the year-long program. Local governments will work with the EPA on a three-pronged approach to 1) ensure regulated firms understand the rules and necessary training required, 2) raise awareness in the community about the rules and 3) work with permitting agencies to make sure they correctly label a firm as certified in lead-based paint.

The EPA identified Memphis as a target city through demographics such as the population of children ages 6 and younger, the number of those children living in poverty and the number of homes build prior to 1950.

f you plan to renovate your home or commercial building, look for the “Lead-Safe” logo on contractors’ uniforms, signs, websites and collateral. Renovators are also required to provide property owners and occupants with a pamphlet at least 60 days in advance of starting a project.

As a Lead-Safe Certified Firm, Tioga can perform fast lead paint tests utilizing our X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer, which provides accurate analysis without having to take destructive samples.

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