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Recently, Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s fan favorite “Fixer Upper” were fined by the Environmental Protection Agency for inadequate removal of lead paint surfaces during select home renovations. Due to lack of knowledge, this scenario is extremely common in construction and demolition. Lead is difficult to spot and can be found in all parts of our environment - in the air, soil, water and inside our home, mostly in older paints.

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As Memphis continues to grow, contractors, real estate agents and builders are choosing to get creative with their projects. Once abandoned downtown warehouses and buildings are converted into apartments and mixed-use spaces and older homes in Midtown are flipped and renovated to attract future homeowners. While an open-concept is desirable for most buyers, the ramifications of knocking down a wall in an older home or even repainting can be dangerous. Without a proper inspection before a renovation, lead that is present in the old paint can spread rapidly throughout a home or building, leaving lead dust in the air and on surfaces for people to inhale and potentially ingest.

Why is lead discovery and removal so important and crucial to your next renovation project? Lead is extremely toxic to the human body. Children can develop growth issues because their brains and bodies are more susceptible to lead’s damaging side effects. Pregnant women may have issues with the growth of their child and experience premature labor.

While lead can have damaging consequences, with assistance from experienced professionals and the utilization of the correct tools, its removal and/or the use of proper renovation techniques (called Renovate Right by the EPA) can be relatively easy.

Tioga offers hazardous building material assessments to determine the lead content in your home, commercial-property or child-occupied facility. Our certified lead-based paint inspectors and risk assessors perform hundreds of paint inspections per year to protect families and businesses. By using Niton 300A XLP X-Fluorescence analyzers, our inspectors are able get instant results without damaging your building or taking destructive samples.

Before beginning your next renovation, demolition or upgrade, save yourself the risk possible exposure to lead and save your contractor from being fined by the EPA.  Call us to discuss how we can assist you in protecting yourself, the environment and others from harmful materials.