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The city of Union Gap, Washington is struggling to deal with reported black mold problems. Apparently, the buildings housing City Hall, the Police Station and the Fire Station experienced water and rain intrusion events years ago. After the recent discovery of ceiling mold in City Hall, the state and county recommended closing the building and relocating employees until the mold remediation is completed. Now there are concerns about the other two public buildings as well.

Mold only needs three things to actively grow: food, moisture and a comfortable temperature. Food for mold can include any porous surface (such as drywall, carpet, wood, etc.) and unfortunately, the comfortable temperature for mold is also what would be comfortable for us indoors. The only factor we have much control over is the moisture. If there is a roof leak or flooding that occurs over time in a building, it is likely that mold growth will be promoted. That appears to be the issue in Union Gap. The previous roof leaks allowed moisture to accumulate and over time, the conditions were right for mold growth. Now, city leaders are having to relocate offices and courts and determine how to pay for the repairs. Bottom line: to prevent mold, make sure you manage any water intrusions in buildings when you become aware of them.