Erosion Control 101


20150106 PostThe word “erosion” might make you think back to your middle and high school science classes. Erosion is the process of weathering away or diminishing a substance due to a natural element, such as water or wind. Erosion can be caused by powerful natural elements, such as wind and water, and can sometimes cause problems. For example, when erosion is excessive, it can disrupt the layers of soil in an area, leading to a decrease in agricultural production. Human activities, such as deforestation and construction, can also cause significant erosion problems.

The process of controlling erosion is strategic and methodological. Tennessee Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control, or TNEPSC, has a duty to educate people about the importance of erosion control. The organization states that sediment is a major contributor to the pollution of streams in Tennessee, and construction activities are a major source of sediment and stream siltation. The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) has adopted a general permit to aid in erosion prevention and sediment control at construction sites, and the organization additionally offers training to those involved in such projects in order to set the standard and regulations for erosion control in the state.

The Environmental Protection Agency is fully aware of the environmental dangers that can accompany erosion. The organization states that “the initial construction phase is when land is cleared of vegetation and graded to create a proper surface for construction. The removal of natural vegetation and topsoil makes the exposed area particularly susceptible to erosion, causing transformation of existing drainage areas and disturbance of sensitive areas.” The EPA also offers solutions to the problem, including the implementation of a comprehensive ordinance regarding erosion control, as well as the use of effective technology and highly trained professionals when dealing with control and prevention.

Tioga offers services for erosion control and prevention, as well as other soil and groundwater needs. The team has one TNEPSC Level 1 and 2 certified employee and another Level 1 certified employee. These Level 1 certifications make our employees able to do erosion control inspections on construction sites. You can find out more about how we can help avoid or eliminate erosion issues here.

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