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Water resources are integral to life and Sept. 18 is World Water Monitoring Day, which reminds people to be aware of the quality and health of our water resources. Without clean water, human civilization and life in general would grind to a halt. Therefore, protection of these resources is extremely important. Luckily, there are multiple easy steps anyone can take to help ensure that our water resources remain healthy.

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At Tioga, we work with several industrial facilities, private clients and government organizations to ensure our water resources are protected from a variety of potential contaminants. Depending on the facility in question, Tioga monitors water quality for everything, such as total dissolved solids and potentially carcinogenic chemicals. With a myriad of variables that can negatively affect water, Tioga designs and implements a sampling protocol depending on the specific risks associated with a variety of facilities. The sampling protocol can range from collection of stormwater runoff at an industrial facility to groundwater monitoring at a landfill. In addition, our team of wetlands scientists perform assessments and wetland delineations to ensure that protected surficial water resources remain safe. Whatever the case, Tioga professionals are committed to the protection of our water resources.

You don’t have to be a scientist to get involved with the protection of water resources – everyone can pitch in! Something as simple as turning off the water while you brush your teeth can have an enormous impact. Remember, all water will eventually make it to a water resource regardless of where it comes from. Everything you pour down a sink can and will eventually make it into the environment so take care what you dump down the drain. Liquids like oil and grease can very seriously affect the environment, so make sure to dispose of such materials properly and responsibly. In addition, our groundwater drinking water resources can be affected by surficial activities. There are multiple sources for information on what you can do to protect water resources, including the Environmental Protection Agency’s website.

On Sept. 18, take a moment to think about your impact on water resources and what you can do to ensure that future generations can enjoy the same resources as we do currently. Learn more about our work in water monitoring and other natural resources.