357 North Main Street
Memphis, TN 38103

The University of Memphis, the Shelby County Health Department and Middle Tennessee State University are conducting a major air quality study through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Air Pollution Special Studies Grant Program. The three-year study, Reducing Exposure to Airborne Chemical Toxics (REACT), will monitor more than 60 air toxics in the Memphis area and will collect samples for one year. Volunteers are needed to host sampling canisters. Those interested must have a fenced-in yard and must be willing to allow field staff to enter your yard.

The study's objectives and design:

  • This 3-year study will provide data that can examine and compare health risk and air quality across different communities throughout Shelby County.
  • The project will collect air toxics samples in 100 census tracts out of the 216 tracts of Shelby County, and measure ambient concentrations of over 50 air toxics.
  • It will identify possible areas of high concentrations and major contributors of air toxic pollutants and evaluate the health risks from exposure to air toxics in Memphis.
  • This research will provide a better understanding of the type and origin of VOCs as ozone precursors.
  • Overall, the study is designed to provide scientific data for EPA to conduct risk assessment and to control air toxics emissions.

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