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A lot can happen in 10 years. When environmental scientist Maggie Strom founded Tioga Environmental Consultants in 2009, Tioga was primarily a compliance and inspection consultant for lead-based paint and asbestos. Two years later, Strom joined forces with civil engineer Larkin Myers. The duo grew Tioga’s offerings to serve developers, architecture and engineering firms, contractors and facility managers across the Mid-South and help them conduct responsible practices to protect the environment.

Over the past decade, Tioga established itself as an expert in environmental inspections and regulatory compliance. It slowly and strategically evolved in that time:

  1. Leadership additions:
    Myers joined Tioga as vice president in 2011, adding environmental site assessments to the firm’s offering of services. Professional geologist Luke Hall joined in 2015 as partner, expanding Tioga’s services with his background in subsurface assessments and contamination investigation. 

  2. Expanded services
    Tioga’s staff each brings a unique specialty. Today, Tioga conducts environmental site assessments, monitors industrial hygiene and safety conditions, assesses natural resources, remediates the release of contaminants and manages documents to comply with regulatory requirements.

  3. Staff growth
    From an initial staff of four, Tioga now employs 11 professionals – including two geologists, two engineers and two wetland scientists – each offering talents to drive success in the firm’s key services. 

  4. Move to The Pinch
    In its early years, Tioga rented a 1,500-square-foot office space on Sam Cooper. The space quickly busted at the seams. The partners purchased its 6,000-square-foot headquarters in the revived Pinch District as its permanent home in 2018.

  5. Growing client roster
    In its first year, Tioga completed 140 projects and served 84 clients. Last year, the team more than doubled its original workload, completing more than 360 projects. Of its 191 clients last year, nearly half are loyal, repeat partners. 

  6. Revenue increase
    As the firm grew in operation, so has its success. Last year’s fiscal earnings showed a 224% increase compared to year one!

  7. High profile projects
    Tioga has been proud to provide assessments on exciting projects that are transforming Memphis. The Wolf River Greenway was just an abandoned railway in 2009 and now hundreds enjoy the trail system daily. And Raleigh Springs Mall is on its way to becoming the bustling Raleigh Town Center. 

  8. Optimized operations
    With a growing client roster and more team members in the field, Tioga has streamlined its services. Previously renting equipment for projects as needed, Tioga now owns an arsenal of equipment, allowing them to complete projects efficiently.

  9. Community involvement
    As Tioga became established, it became possible to participate in service projects throughout Memphis as a team. Whether it’s cleaning litter or mentoring local youth, team members are committed to giving back to the community they love. 

  10. Embracing the next 10
    Tioga anticipates continuing this steady path of revenue and staffing growth in the coming years. Without the support of the Memphis community, Tioga Environmental Consultants wouldn’t be where it is today. From our team to yours – thank you.