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by Maggie Strom, QEP, CHMM
Founder and president

Happy New Year! You know what that means - time to start working on those year-end environmental reports. 

First, it's a great time to read over your air permit to evaluate whether the records you have been keeping all year are consistent with your actual requirements. It’s also time to gather up your year-end production numbers and run your final calculations for 2017. Annual and semi-annual report deadlines are just a few weeks away and before you know it, it will be time to submit annual actual emissions for 2017.   

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Speaking of inventory, some of you have sustainability reports to submit to corporate, and deadlines are probably looming. Don’t wait until February when your accounting staff is gearing up for tax season to ask for information you need to summarize your energy usage, waste disposal costs, water usage and more. Pay a visit now and start gathering up this data. We bet they will be much happier to help you now, too!

It's also never too early to start reviewing on-site inventory numbers and calculate the maximum daily and average daily storage of hazardous chemicals at your facility. You will need to complete your Tier II reports by March 1. Don’t put this one off, this deadline shows up quick.

Speaking of March 1, Hazardous Waste annual reports are also due then, and you should have made note of how much hazardous waste you carried over into the new year. Pay a visit to all of your hazardous waste storage areas and satellite areas and make an inventory of hazardous waste on hand up to December 31/January 1. You will need this information for your annual report.

And if you haven’t yet, take the time to dispose of your universal waste. If you make that a habit, you will never get caught storing universal waste longer than 365 days. 

Finally, if your facility is in Tennessee and you have not submitted your Tennessee Multi-Sector General Permit Annual Report containing the 2017 analytical results of your Stormwater discharge, be sure to get it in ASAP. It’s due 30 days from when you collected the sample but not later than March 31, 2018.