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We celebrate ‘World Rivers Day’ on the last Sunday of September. This holiday celebrates the magnificence of the world’s waterways and aims to bring public awareness to conservancy of our rivers, lakes, streams and oceans around the world.

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The first World Rivers Day took place in 2005 to encourage better care for our water resources. British advocate, Mark Angelo, has created the British Columbia Rivers Day in Canada, and the overwhelming support of this event each year led the United Nations to approve this holiday for the world to acknowledge and celebrate. Now, more than 60 countries participate in this holiday worldwide every year.

To get involved, research local opportunities to help clean up and preserve Memphis waterways. For example, Tioga has worked with the Memphis River Warriors to clean up McKellar Lake – you wouldn’t believe the amount of trash and dangerous materials that litter the banks! Also, do your part around town. Stormwater drains link into our streams and creeks, and chemicals, like soap and pollutants, can run off into these drains, thus polluting our water. Be aware of any litter, too, that can clog these storm drains, as well.