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Stormwater is an accumulation of precipitation that flows over the ground rather than into it. This excess water usually occurs from rain or snow running off of manmade surfaces, such as driveways, roofs and sidewalks, and onto land that sometimes can’t absorb the extra water. While stormwater in itself isn’t inherently harmful, the water can pick up dirt, rubble and garbage along the way, which then pollutes sewer systems and natural water sources, such as lakes, rivers and streams.

Drinking water can be polluted for human communities as well as for wildlife that rely on natural water sources to survive. Stormwater accumulation can also cause an overabundance of algae formation, which can suffocate other plants and animals that live around a water source.

Prevention is the easiest way to control stormwater runoff, but management systems using pipe networks have also been useful in controlling the flow of the water. By transporting it to a basin or facility, the water can be treated and contained, eliminating the pollution issues stormwater can create.


Contamination can also come from large industrial buildings or commercial facilities like gas stations, and this is where Tioga’s services come into the picture. Dangerous chemicals can discharge into the stormwater or seep into the ground, becoming trapped in the soil and contaminating the groundwater, which affects both land and water resources.

Environmental Regulatory Compliance is a necessary component in the management of stormwater pollution. By complying with state and federal requirements, your facility minimizes exposure of potential contaminants to precipitation, thus minimizing any potential stormwater, groundwater, or soil contamination.

The Clean Water Act protects our rivers, lakes and drinking water by requiring companies to maintain their facilities’ output of dangerous pollutants that harm water sources. Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) are a key piece of preventing stormwater pollution at a construction site or industrial facility. Environmental professionals, like Tioga, can prepare these plans for you to help maintain compliance with Tennessee regulations and the EPA.

Tioga can assist you with inspections and permits for your business’ property. If you’re interested in setting up a time for these examinations, please give us a call! We would also be available to answer any questions that you may have about any potential ground or stormwater contamination.