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Air Quality Awareness Week is a timely reminder for everyone to consider how important the air around us is and to become more conscious of other contributors to pollution. An array of human activity can make a difference in our air quality from driving automobiles to using fertilizers to starting wood burning fires. Industrial manufacturing facilities, including electricity providers can be major contributors to pollution, potentially releasing organic compounds, chemicals and carbon monoxide into the atmosphere.                                                                             

We’re proud to see the Tennessee Valley Authority and Memphis Light, Gas and Water are striving to reverse this trend with the opening of a natural gas plant in Memphis and the retiring of a 60-year-old coal power plant. The new plant is projected to eliminate any release of sulfur dioxide and to reduce carbon emissions by more than half. While it’s not the “greenest” form of energy available compared to solar or wind, we’re glad to see our state is moving in the right direction, and that direction is away from harmful chemical emissions and toward more renewable options. And speaking of one of the “greenest” forms of energy, last week the largest solar array in Tennessee opened in Millington!

Next time you step outside, take a moment to review the Air Quality Index in your area and learn more about the various factors that affect it. There are also simple actions you can take to reduce your carbon footprint, such as avoiding idling your car for extended periods of time, setting your indoor air conditioner to 78 degrees in the summer and purchasing energy-efficient appliances.

At Tioga we regularly work with facilities to help them to identify their air pollutant emissions, determine what regulations and emission limits apply to them, and obtain the permits required. Contact us today to learn how we can assess your facility and help you keep our air clean.