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Felipe Vazquez2

A self-proclaimed “people’s person,” Felipe Vazquez serves as Tioga’s newest Facility Regulatory Compliance Specialist. After studying civil engineering at the University of California in Irvine, Felipe worked in several aspects of the environmental field as a consultant. Get to know more about Felipe from his Q&A.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Tioga?

I enjoy guiding our different clients through the regulation compliance process. At times it can be complicated and time-consuming for them, especially as regulations can change year after year. There are a lot of things the average person doesn’t see that go into a project, and the paperwork behind all of it – from air quality to stormwater to wastewater. If I’m making my clients’ lives any easier during the permitting and evaluation processes, then I’m happy.


What inspired your cross-country move to Memphis?

My wife, Meredith, and I moved to Memphis after she was assigned here by Teach for America. After living here for only a couple weeks, we fell in love with Memphis’ diverse, tight-knit community, yet it still has a big city feel. We enjoy exploring new places every day that the city has to offer. We look forward to being a part of all the amazing things that are happening here.


How do you enjoy your time away from the office?

I really enjoy discovering new music and attending live performances with my family and friends. Tutoring middle and high school students and being involved in the local community are also passions of mine. I previously served as the youth pastor at my church back home in California.


What are some fun facts that most people may not know about you?

Learning new languages is an interest of mine, as I enjoy embracing new cultures! I am fluent in Spanish, intermediate in Portuguese and am currently mastering Japanese. People may not know that similar to Talladega Nights’ Ricky Bobby, I was also born in a car!