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Many exciting new projects and developments have begun to move forward in Memphis, and Tioga is proud to be a part of many of them. From demolitions and renovations to master plans for expansions, the depth of Tioga’s services has touched an assortment of projects in several ways.

Memphis Hub Transformation

FedEx plans to update its world hub in Memphis. The site currently houses facilities that have stood since the shipping giant launched in the 1970s. The hub is getting a facelift with new, modern structures that will improve efficiency and operations. But before any of that begins, 24 outdated buildings will be demolished. Our team of building materials experts assessed the 24 buildings for hazardous materials, in order for demolition to be completed safely and in compliance with environmental laws. The assessments included lead-based paint and asbestos, among others.

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Resilience projects

Shelby County was awarded a $60 million national disaster resilience grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Known as the Greenprint for Resilience, the project involves a resilience plan and model and improvements to three locations in the county that are vulnerable to climate impact such as flooding. The projects are also an opportunity to increase recreational opportunities such as greenway trails and parks for residents to enjoy. Tioga completed assessments for two of the improvement projects. One location is Big Creek in Millington, for which we are assisting with environmental permitting. The second location is along the Wolf River in Memphis where residential and park areas are subject to flooding from the nearby floodplains of the river. Our team completed a bat habitat assessment for the area.

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Port of Memphis

The Memphis and Shelby County Port Commission is looking to revamp the Port of Memphis and repurpose thousands of acres of undeveloped land. The Commission ordered a comprehensive master plan to create a framework for possible expansions of properties throughout Presidents Island and Pidgeon Industrial Park. Tioga is providing a review of the existing wetlands and archaeological studies that have occurred within the study area. We’re also conducting Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and studying impacts and availability relative to air permitting.

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