357 North Main Street
Memphis, TN 38103

We started this series in 2019 in honor of our 10-year anniversary. Time truly does fly! We’re grateful to each and every one of you who allows us to do what we love every single day. Without you, Tioga Environmental Consultants would not be here.

To conclude our “Top 10 with Tioga” series, we wanted to share why we’re different from other firms and what makes Tioga a special firm to have by your side for your next project.

1. We’re passionate.
At Tioga, we’ve made it our mission to make the world a little bit cleaner and a little bit safer. We strive for this with each project we do. Our heart is in the work we complete.

2. We’re experienced.
Our staff has the experience and training necessary to solve your problem. The Tioga team is a mixture of scientists, geologists, engineers and technicians with varying focus areas.

3. We’re the perfect size.
Our staff of 12 is just right. We are small enough to be agile and to respond quickly to our clients, but we’re also large enough to offer the same quality service expected from a larger firm.

4. Our team is asbestos and lead-based paint certified.
Our technicians are certified to perform inspections for asbestos in Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas and lead-based paint in Tennessee, Mississippi and Kentucky. Our central location in the Mid-South allows us to be ready and willing to cover this region.

5. We’re accessible.
No client is simply a contact in our Rolodex. We maintain a single point of contact for each of our clients, so no one gets lost in the shuffle and communication remains streamlined.

6. We call Memphis home.
We are Memphis. Most of our staff live within the city limits, and our office is located downtown in the Pinch District. The ongoing rejuvenation of our neighborhood excites us all! We love this city and its people.

7. We have strong leadership.
Our founder, Maggie Strom, has more than 20 years of experience in environmental work in Memphis. She and the whole Tioga team are committed to solving client problems.

8. We’re certified for streams.
We love streams and wetlands! Tioga employs two Qualified Hydrologic Professionals to determine whether you’re dealing with a stream or wetland. This certification is essential and it matters to the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.

9. We’re woman-owned.
We are a woman-led business and certified as such by the City of Memphis, Shelby County and the Tennessee Department of Transportation. While you may initially hire us for our DBE certifications, we know you will use our services again because of our expertise, professionalism and quality of work.

10. We are your partner.
We want you to think of us as an integral extension to your team. See us as the environmental engineer or scientist that you have in-house whose desk is down the hall that you can drop by with questions at any given time when you encounter an issue. And, like a member of your team, we are looking out for your bottom line.