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If you are purchasing property, an environmental site assessment is an important step that helps to identify potentially dangerous contamination and protect you from liability. Business operations may produce contaminants, or contaminants may transfer from a neighboring property to your site. There are two phases to site assessments that can help either rule out or verify contamination.


During a Phase I assessment, an environmental professional reviews property records, inspects the site and conducts interviews with owners, key site managers and local government officials. The environmental professional also checks public records for and around your proposed site, as those records should include a history of regulated and contaminated properties subject to federal or state standards. Sampling and laboratory testing typically does not take place at this point of the assessment. The Phase I assessment follows an ASTM standard and is often required by lending agencies prior to loan approval.


Phase II Environmental Site Assessments occur when a Phase I identifies the potential for contamination from petroleum or hazardous materials. A Phase II is a more invasive procedure and usually involves sampling the soil and/or groundwater at the property. Laboratory analysis is performed to identify whether the potential contamination is present. Tests may include:

  • Surficial soil and/or ground monitoring
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Drum sampling
  • Testing of underground storage tanks
  • Transformer/capacitor sampling for PCBs

After each assessment is complete, you will receive a report that outlines the findings along with any recommendations for further sampling as well as possible remedies for the issues that were found.

Tioga performs both phases of the site assessment process within the Memphis area. To learn more, visit the Services section of our website or give us a call at 901-791-2432.