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Comprehensive Site Assessment


AR Brownfield

Tioga performed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment at the property of a former industrial manufacturing facility and identified recognized environmental conditions in the form of the historical industrial use; adjacent petroleum contamination and remediation; and adjacent hazardous materials contamination and remediation. 

A Phase II Environmental Site Assessment was performed in response to the findings.  Tioga supervised the installation of fifteen soil borings on the property and sampled each location for analysis of volatile organic compounds.  Low levels of contamination were identified in the on-site soil, but groundwater was not sampled due to time and financial constraints.

As a requirement of the purchasing agreement, Tioga’s client pursued registry with the Arkansas Brownfield Program for the parcel.  Tioga represented the landowner with the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) to determine the scope of work for a Comprehensive Site Assessment (CSA), a prerequisite for entry into the program. 

 Upon approval of the CSA Workplan by ADEQ, Tioga mobilized to the site for a two-week sampling period.  Eleven surficial soil samples were collected; thirteen soil borings were installed; and three permanent monitoring wells were installed utilizing rotosonic drilling equipment.  Soil samples were obtained from borings and monitoring well locations.  Groundwater samples were collected from the permanent wells and two boring locations.

Laboratory analytical data was compiled with field notes and exhibits for a presentation of findings to ADEQ.  Considerations included a human health risk evaluation and ecological risk evaluation.  Ultimately, deed restrictions were recommended and put in place for the property based on data from the Comprehensive Site Assessment and the Property Development Plan drafted by Tioga.