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Hazardous Waste Compliance

Profiling, Recordkeeping and Reporting for Hazardous Waste Generation


In 2014, Tioga was contracted to prepare a construction Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for an addition to an Arkansas manufacturing facility. The project also included an industrial SWPPP for the facility as a whole. Upon the completion of these two tasks, the company additionally entrusted Tioga to update the facility’s Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan to better manage oil storage on the property. 

In June of 2016, the company again enlisted Tioga’s assistance. Tioga performed three site inspections focused on labeling, waste management techniques and revisions to the facility’s existing contingency plan. On top of the assessments, Tioga also conducted a hazardous waste training class for staff members who would be involved with the program moving forward. 

A final task included a detailed review of the waste generated at the plant, which confirmed that more comprehensive profiles needed to be developed for waste streams and waste containers containing unidentified materials at the facility. Seven waste streams were sampled, and documents were prepared outlining proper disposal methods for each stream.  

The facility was on its way to passing inspection, and all tasks were performed in time to meet the response deadline established by the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality.

Working with Tioga has been a positive experience. Tioga has taken the time to get to know our business and has provided practical advice throughout. Bottom line, Tioga has been and continues to be very available, efficient, effective and flexible in responding to our needs.

- Representative of the manufacturing facility