357 North Main Street
Memphis, TN 38103

Environmental Remediation & Assessment


Tioga Environmental Consultants provided Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments for this property that was formerly used for office and warehouse space.  The Phase II ESA included the collection of soil and sub-slab vapor samples. Analytical data identified sub-slab vapor concentrations which exceeded regional screening levels for a commercial or residential property. Being that the property was planned for redevelopment as a school, Tioga recommended that the property be entered into the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Voluntary Clean-up, Oversight, and Assistance Program.


Tioga assisted the property owner with entrance into the program and developed a mitigation strategy for the identified sub-slab vapor contamination to ensure the health and safety of the personnel and students at the planned school. The mitigation strategy included application of a volatile organic constituent resistant vapor barrier on top of the existing slab of the building at the property and generation of a soil management plan to ensure worker safety during redevelopment.

In December 2018, Tioga prepared a Health and Safety Plan and Soil Management Plan to address construction activities at the Property during the redevelopment activities.  The companion documents served to guide the management of disturbed soils at the property to ensure a risk to human or ecological health was not created during the redevelopment of the property. 

During redevelopment of the property in 2019, Tioga personnel performed site visits any time the building slab was breached to determine if the soil beneath was impacted by contamination and required disposal under profile at a Class I landfill. During installation of the vapor barrier in two applications, Tioga met with installation personnel to confirm adherence to the mitigation workplan. In addition, Tioga assisted the state of Tennessee and the property owner in drafting the Brownfield Voluntary Agreement for the property.

After redevelopment, Tioga conducted the first semi-annual post-mitigation vapor assessment to monitor the effectiveness of the vapor barrier and will continue the post-mitigation vapor assessments for two years.