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Hazardous Material Consulting Services


As part of a project meant to revitalize areas off the interstate in downtown Memphis, Tennessee, a full-scale renovation of the Cook Convention Center was approved by the Memphis City. A $21 million loan was approved by the Memphis City Council in September of 2017 to begin the Cook Convention Center renovation and the infrastructure revamping in the Pinch District as part of the larger Bicentennial Gateway Project, a transformation project for the Downtown and Medical districts of Memphis.   Before any work could begin on the Convention Center a complete hazardous material survey would need to be conducted. 

Cook Temporary

In February of 2016, Tioga performed a limited asbestos survey of the Convention Center to serve as a planning tool for Fleming Architects renovation plans which documented fourteen suspect asbestos containing materials.  In the Summer of 2017 Tioga was called on again to perform asbestos consulting services at the property.  These contract services include:

  • Comprehensive asbestos survey, sampling and report,
  • Asbestos abatement design,
  • Hazardous Material inventory and report,
  • Lead-Based Paint inspection and report, and
  • Mold sampling.
  • Asbestos abatement Air Monitoring

Tioga completed the asbestos survey, abatement design, hazardous material inventory, mold sampling, and lead-based paint inspection for the Cook Convention Center.  The survey was split into two project phases totaling ten days of surveying for the Tioga survey team.  During this time, Tioga representatives obtained five hundred sixteen suspect asbestos containing material samples from one hundred seventy-four different building materials throughout the Convention Center.  The survey was performed in conformance with AHERA and ASTM Standard E2356-14 and included identification of suspect materials, photographs of the materials, collection of samples, and assessments of each space. Floor plans containing all sample locations and locations of asbestos containing materials was included for easy reference.

During the asbestos abatement phase of this project Tioga performed daily asbestos air monitoring to protect other workers in the facility and performed clearance inspections and air monitoring of each project area before it was released back to the General Contractor for renovation.