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Remediation Oversight


Tioga was contacted to investigate unidentified and unexpected waste that was uncovered during geophysical testing at a property. During the installation of test trenches, excavators identified what was assumed to be household trash. The waste gave off an odor so pungent that on-site workers were forced to abandon on-site activities.

Tioga personnel initially assessed the site and contacted the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Division of Solid Waste. According to the division, the property had already been identified as an illegal dumping site. Previous investigations by the division were unable to determine the responsible party for the illegal dumping. During site investigations by Tioga and continuing correspondence with the division, it was determined that the majority of the waste was chips and associated plastic packaging.

Dump Investigation

After examining other options, it was determined by the client that the waste should be excavated and properly disposed of. Tioga was contracted to supervise excavation and disposal of the waste to determine that no hazardous waste was included with the illegal disposal. 

Over the span of five days, Tioga personnel oversaw the excavation and proper disposal of the illegally dumped waste under proper profile to North Shelby County Landfill in Millington, Tennessee. Over 3,200 tons of illegal waste was removed from the property.