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NEPA & Technical Studies


Dyersburg NEPA 2

As part of the National Disaster Resilience Grant issued by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the City of Dyersburg, Tennessee received funding for the development of wetlands and recreation facilities within the area known as South Town within Dyersburg.

The project includes improvements to the Ragan Levee trail along the Forked Deer River; construction of the Dyersburg soccer complex; construction of the south police precinct and recreational complex; and reconstructing / reclaiming wetlands.  SSR, Inc. is providing the project design and has included Tioga on the team for environmental services.  

As a requirement of the federal funding, a review in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act must be coordinated through the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development.  Tioga is utilizing the Community Development Block Grant Handbook to facilitate this review.

Dyersburg NEPA

The project is being prepared as an Environmental Assessment.  Documentation for the NEPA Review addresses the project purpose and need, possible alternatives, and mapping of the project scope.  Tioga has coordinated review by the US Fish & Wildlife Service, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, the Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation, the Tennessee Historical Commission State Historic Preservation Office, and potentially affected Native American Tribes.   

Technical studies prepared by Tioga include the Waters of the US and Wetlands delineation; Bat Habitat Assessment; Noise Assessment; and Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.  Permitting for impacts to the wetlands was also coordinated by Tioga.

Because the project is located in the floodplain and will have minor impacts to the wetlands, an Early Notice & Public Review process occurred and the 8-step process for impacts to wetlands and floodplains was required.  The Final Notice & Public Explanation were published prior to submittal of the Environmental Review Record.