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Remediation & Assessment


Since 2016, Tioga performed multiple environmental assessments and limited remedial activities at the former Marine Hospital located in Memphis, TN. Initially, DeSoto Pointe Partners utilized a different consultant to provide a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) which identified multiple recognized environmental conditions associated with the property including the former presence of underground storage tanks. The client asked Tioga to provide a Phase II ESA to further investigate the findings. 

Analytical data from the Phase II ESA identified no significant impact to subsurface soils from the former use of underground storage tanks at the property. However, contamination of surficial soils above the accepted background concentrations were identified in a limited area at the property. An additional surficial soils investigation performed by Tioga delineated the surficial soil contamination to an area of approximately 30x30 feet. The area was likely used as a burn pit for trash and Tioga recommended entering the property into the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Voluntary Clean-up, Oversight, and Assistance Program.

360 Metal Museum VOAP

The property was entered into the VOAP in 2017. A sub-slab vapor assessment was requested by TDEC to determine if a risk to future redevelopment was present at the property. Tioga performed a sub-slab vapor assessment in 2017 and it was the opinion of Tioga that no risk from exposure to contaminated vapors was present at the property.

In April 2019, the area of contaminated surficial soil was excavated and disposed of at a Class I landfill. After the excavation, it was the opinion of Tioga that no risk from exposure to contaminated soil, water, or vapor from previous environmental releases remained at the property and No Additional Action was requested. The TDEC Division of Remediation granted No Additional Action to the property in a letter dated June 5, 2019.