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Stream Delineation & Permitting


An international hospitality company was seeking to expand its existing hotel and casino facilities in eastern Arkansas, to include a new 20 story hotel, casino floor, and support facilities.  Tioga was contracted by the site engineer to perform a jurisdictional waters delineation on the approximately 50 acre, former agricultural tract. 

Tioga’s wetland scientists conducted the site evaluation in August of 2018, identifying one perennial and one intermittent stream onsite.  Soils and hydrology within the Mississippi River Valley have been heavily impacted by historical channelization and flood controls and are often problematic.  Although site soils are listed hydric soils per the NRCS soils database, Tioga was able to provide hydrological evidence that the soils do not currently meet the hydric criteria for wetlands. 

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The delineation was submitted to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Memphis District for concurrence.  Based on this approval, Tioga was subsequently contracted to prepare permit documents for the fill impact and subsequent onsite mitigation for approximately 1,800 linear feet of the intermittent stream.  Mitigation as offered in the form of a relocated channel that will border the outside of the tract and maintain the existing site hydrology.  The project necessitated the preparation of a formal 12-step mitigation plan, which included development of a detailed alternatives analysis and the negotiation of financial assurances for the project between the Corps and owner / developer.  Tioga also coordinated a Phase I Archeological Survey of the project area for submittal to the Corps and State and Tribal agencies.

Permit approval was obtained in the early summer of 2019 and construction of the new facilities in ongoing.