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Hazardous Materials


Mudville Small

Tioga Environmental Consultants, Inc. worked as a subconsultant to Buchart Horn during the design of a new bridge to replace the current deteriorated bridge located on Mudville Road over Big Creek in Shelby County, Tennessee.  To assist with the environmental documentation for the project, Tioga was tasked with conducting a comprehensive asbestos and lead-based paint survey and a wetland delineation for the project area.  The project area consisted of an approximate cross shaped polygon extending 1,200 linear feet along the roadway and 225 linear feet along Big Creek.

In August of 2017, Tioga representatives performed a comprehensive asbestos and lead-based paint survey of the bridge. Thirty-three potential asbestos-containing samples from eleven materials were obtained from the entire structure.  Forty-four painted surfaces were tested utilizing an X-Ray Fluorescence spectrum analyzer instrument.  The substructure of the bridge was accessed by foot at all the abutments as samples were needed from both the top and the underside of the bridge deck.  Employee safety was observed throughout the project through the use of proper outdoor reflective personal protective equipment and traffic direction while working on or near the road.

The completed survey identified eleven suspect asbestos containing materials by name and photograph and located each on a drawing for easy reference.  No asbestos or lead-based paint components were identified.

Tioga evaluated the project area for wetlands, streams and wet weather conveyances.  Fieldwork included an assessment of the site hydrology, vegetation and soils.  Outside of Big Creek which is the body of water traversed by the bridge, the delineation identified one wetland and two relic streams that are located tangential to the project area.