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Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments

Multi-Facility Pre-Purchase Due Diligence

Scrap Yard Sites1

When a national scrapyard company was looking to acquire multiple properties regionally, Tioga was contacted by a larger environmental consulting firm coordinating all of the environmental due diligence with a request to perform Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) for seven properties in Tennessee and Mississippi.

All of the Phase I ESAs were performed within one month of the notice to proceed from the client. Due to the short timeframe of the due diligence period, recommendations for the Phase II ESAs were given prior to completion of the initial reports. Typical recognized environmental conditions for the properties included the historical use of the property as a scrap metal processing facility; the use of heavy equipment such as balers and shears; stockpiled soil of unknown origin; hydrocarbon staining; and on-site septic fields that received industrial wastewater.

Scrap Yard Sites2

Tioga personnel completed subsurface utility surveys, advanced soil borings, installed temporary and permanent groundwater monitoring wells, advanced test trenches, and took soil and groundwater samples at scrapyards in Memphis, Tennessee, as well as in  Elliot, Greenwood, Jackson, Kosciusko, Sherman and Tupelo, Mississippi. Soil and groundwater samples were analyzed for volatile organic constituents, semi-volatile organic constituents, RCRA 8 metals and polychlorinated biphenyls.

Due to an expedited timeframe established by the client, Tioga completed the seven Phase II investigations, including field activities and reporting to the client, within seven weeks of the notice to proceed. To assist in the due diligence process, Tioga provided estimated liability costs for each property relative to exposure via vapor, groundwater and soil pathways.