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Select TN Site Certification


The Dyer County Industrial Development Board identified a 65-acre undeveloped parcel near the industrial park that could be certified through the Tennessee Economic and Community Development’s Select Tennessee Sites Program.  A component of the certification process is review of various environmental elements.  Tioga Environmental Consultants was asked to perform the environmental reviews associated with F.2 Hydrologic / Wetland Delineation; F.3 Rare, Threatened or Endangered Species, and F.4 Cultural Resources.  The project area consisted of approximately 65 acres of rolling agricultural cropland located on the east side of Fort Hudson Road in Dyersburg, Dyer County, TN. 

Tioga completed a jurisdictional waters delineation for the site, with the delineation report submitted to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) for concurrence.  One wetland feature, a former agricultural pond, was delineated onsite along with several wet weather conveyances.  The USACE and TDEC concurred with the delineation without modification.

Select TN Dyersburg

As required by the Certification Program, Tioga provided project information to TDEC’s Division of Natural Areas, Natural Heritage Program for comment.  The Natural Heritage Program did not identify any rare species within one mile of the project area, although several “D” listed egret and heron species were identified within four miles of the project area.  “D” listed indicates “deemed in need of management”, not necessarily for truly rare or endangered species. Tioga did not anticipate any impacts to these species from the proposed project.

Tioga provided project information to TDEC’s Division of Archaeology for comment.  The Division requested that a Phase I Archeological Survey be performed on the project area.  Tioga coordinated with a local archeological firm to perform the Phase I Archeological Survey.  The survey recovered no cultural materials and no evidence of prehistoric to historic activity was encountered.  The Division concurred with the findings of the report, including the recommendation that no further archeological investigation is warranted.

 Tioga provided a summary report containing the technical studies and regulatory responses to the Client for inclusion in the Select Tennessee application.