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As part of a team performing due diligence for a planned Sports Complex by the Town of Oakland, Tioga Environmental provided an Aquatic Resources Delineation Report for a 138-acre parcel on the northwest corner of Highway 64 and Bowers Road in Oakland, Fayette County, TN.

Tioga first performed a desktop evaluation of the site utilizing the available USGS topographic map, NRCS Web Soil Survey, National Wetland Inventory mapping and historical aerial imagery.  The property was historically agricultural and remained undeveloped at the time of the assessment.  The site had been historically significantly disturbed by the agricultural activities along the central valley of the site, including channelizing the primary onsite stream systems and installing berms on the edges of the floodplain between the fields and wooded areas. 

In the field, Tioga’s scientists assessed each identified channel utilizing the State’s Hydrological Criteria to determine the classifications of the systems. Seven intermittent stream features were noted onsite. All streams were classified based on secondary indicators. The channels were all deeply incised, relatively non-sinuous channels with distinct ordinary high-water marks, rack lines, sorting of substrate and riffle pool sequences.  Ten ephemeral streams (wet weather conveyances) were evaluated on site.  These ephemeral streams were characteristically shallow conveyances that lacked strong morphological features such as sorting of substrate seen in other reaches throughout the property.

Oakland Sports

For potential wetland features, Tioga evaluated the hydrology, vegetation and soils to determine if any applicable wetland criteria were being met.  Two wetland features, located behind the onsite berms in the wooded portions of the site, were delineated.  Soil points and water features were marked with a global positioning system (GPS) to determine the latitude and longitude for later mapping and sharing of information with the client and project engineers.

Tioga staff utilized their experience to interpret regulations and determine if these features were jurisdictional under the federal Navigable Waters Protection Rule (effective June 2020), and therefore requiring permits for impacts.  A comprehensive report was provided to the client.